Montessori Knerten preschool was founded in
1988. The house in which it is located used to be
an ordinary home surrounded by a beautiful garden
with flowers, berry bushes and apple trees.

The property is newly renovated and the work was
completed during the summer of 2009. Knerten preschool
has a unique and specially designed interior with light and
airy rooms providing a good environment for movement
as well as concentration. The playground and garden are
kept in their original form but have been given a more solid
foundation for different activities.

The Preschool is suitable for up to 37 children from 2 ½ to
6 years of age. All the children are kept in the same group
which may provide important advantages. In mixed age
groups, social networks are often formed between children
of different ages. Older children often take the inititative to
help and work with younger children and this has proved
beneficial to both groups.