Daily schedule
7.30 am
The preschool opens.

As the children arrive they select the activities they are interested in and start working with them either alone or in groups. If a child cannot find an activity on her own, teachers and assistants guide the child and suggest new activities that she might find challenging and interesting.

There is always a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. If a child would like an apple, she sits down and enjoys it at the kitchen table. Sometimes children wish to eat breakfast when they arrive in the morning. They then bring their lunchbox to the kitchen table and sit and enjoy their food there.


11.00 am
Classical music is played for the children. This is a signal for them to wrap up their acitivities, and prepare for circle time. There are two groups – one for the older children and one for the younger children and each child knows which circle time group they belong to.

During circle time, the teacher might ask the children to share something with the rest of the group; this might be something a child has been working on or something that a child finds interesting. Other circle time activities include reading, singing, rhythm and rhyme, and games. Every Friday at circle time there is show and tell, where every child brings something from home to share with the rest of the group.

11.30 am

The children bring their own lunch from home and milk is provided by the preschool. Once a week the preschool provides lunch: usually this is a cold meal of bread, salad, cold meats and cheese, but occasionally it is a hot meal. The children are encouraged to prepare their own food.

After lunch every child cleans up after him/herself, gets dressed and goes outside to play.

2.30 pm
The children finish their outside activities. In the afternoon the children continue the activities they were occupied with before lunch or find a new activity, either alone or in groups.

4.30 pm
The preschool closes.