Developing a positive self-image
The core of the Montessori pedagogy is to develop and strengthen children’s positive self-image.

Why is it important for children to be proud of themselves and their achievements?

This is because our self-image is what sets the boundaries in life for:

  • What we know

  • What we can achieve

  • What we can become

The feeling that you are capable of passing a test or scoring a goal will directly affect your ability, behavior and the final result.

Unfortunately adults often address children’s mistakes rather than their achievements. The reason for this is probably because a lot of people believe that improvements are made when we learn from our mistakes. However, experience shows the opposite. A child needs encouragement and prepared opportunities to perceive his own success. This is the core of the Montessori pedagogy.



How can we help a child building a positive self-image?
Most activities are self correcting, and the child will change his behavior in order to succeed. While trying to make it right, he might sometimes also need encouragement and support from others.

When the child finds an activity challenging and exciting, he wants to continue. If a task is too hard or too easy, the child will not show the same interest. In this way, the child shows us if the activity is the right one for him or not.

When the child succeeds several times in a row he gradually becomes more self confident. When the child perceives himself as a winner, he also develops a positive attitude towards others. This process is easy to observe when it occurs.