Cooperations with parents
Montessori Knerten preschool has a parent-teacher council with two parent representatives. They make valuable contributions to the preschool at many levels and are a good link between parents and the preschool staff.

Open nights:
Every semester the preschool arranges open nights. The parents are invited to come and see the children’s work. The children are proud to show their parents what they have achieved and this is a good opportunity for parents to learn about the Montessori method. These events have turned out to be very popular with both children and parents.

Preschool Visits
All parents are encouraged to visit the preschool and observe their child taking part in their daily activities.
It is of great importance that visitors do not interact with or disturb the children when they are busy. Based on earlier experience, parents get the most accurate information by just observing quietly – being a “fly on the wall”.

Parents might have questions after the observation and we are more than happy to talk to parents after their visit.

Parent-teacher meeting
Meetings with all parents are held twice a year.Individual conversations with parents are scheduled throughout the year so that all parents get the necessary information about their child’s progress. We do of course consider parents’ different needs and understand that some parents might need more regular updates than others.