Every year several day trips are arranged either outdoors or to cultural events. Children travel in groups of mixed ages.

As part of the Montessori pedagogy, teachers at Montessori Knerten preschool pay close attention to each child’s interests. Therefore, the day trips are planned so that each child should enjoy the trip and benefit from attending it.

The following are examples of day trips during the year:

The Children’s House
The Children’s House is a cultural centre for children initiated by Bergen municipality (local government). The local government collaborates with artists to develop cultural programs for children in schools, preschools and for families. Children from Montessori Knerten preschool attend a variety of architectural, dance, musical, theatrical and visual art workshops and exhibitions.

Farm visits
When visiting a farm, children learn about and experience the busy life there. They get the chance to see – and maybe pet – some of the most common farm animals like cows, pigs, chickens and sheep. They also sometimes get to ride in a horse drawn cart. Children from Montessori Knerten preschool have also witnessed the birth of lambs and hens laying eggs

Natural History Museum
Several subjects in the Natural History Museum are of great interest to the children: here they can see an erupting volcano, how the dinosaurs lived and how big a tiger really is. Prior to visiting the museum the children prepare and focus on a specific subject by studying books together with the teacher at the preschool or at the local public library. In the museum the children are followed by an adult and get the chance to experience the things they have read about. Back at the preschool they may continue working with the subject by doing drawings of what they saw and sometimes making an album or giving a presentation.

Hiking in the nearby mountains.
Hiking in rough and difficult terrain challenges the children physically. During the hikes they go through an obstacle course, climb trees and take part in other physical activities. The preschool also stresses the importance of taking advantage of the beautiful mountains surrounding Bergen.

End-of-term trip
Every spring there will be an end-of-term trip for the older children who will start primary school in the fall. Usually this is an overnight trip to one of the mountains nearby. Teachers from Montessoribarnehagen Knerten, and maybe one or two parents, accompany the children on these trips. The children learn how to prepare and pack for the trip. For many children this will be the first trip without their parents. So far we have only had good experiences and the majority of the children look forward to this trip and make great progress in their development by attending.